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Ultrak 340 Stopwatch
Ultrak 340 Stopwatch — $16.99
  • Display of cumulative splits
  • Measures to 24 hours
  • Large numerical display
  • Time and calendar
  • Alarm
  • Water resistant
  • Comes with lithium battery
Ultrak 360 Stopwatch
Ultrak 360 Stopwatch — $27.99
  • 30 dual splits recallable memory
  • Lap and cumulative splits
  • Recalls times forwards and backwards during or after operation
  • Electro-luminescent display
  • Continuous display of event time
  • Large 2 row display
  • Measures to 10 hours, time and calendar
  • Daily alarm and water resistant
  • Comes with lithium battery
Accusplit 601X Stopwatch
Accusplit 601X Stopwatch — $22.99
  • Times single event and cumulative splits
  • 1-2 fast finish
  • 30 minute range
  • 5 year “no proof” warranty
  • 2 year battery life and water resistant
  • Black only
Accusplit AX725PRO Timer
Accusplit AX725PRO Timer — $27.99
  • 16 Dual split memory
  • Dual split (lap & cum)
  • 10 hour range
  • Water resistant
  • 5 year lithium battery

Field Equipment

Shot And Discus Carrier
Shot And Discus Carrier — $12.99

Highly durable, water resistant polyester carrier holds two discus, two shots or one of each. Stitched with water repellent nylon thread. Holds both shots and discus.

Performance Indicator-4 digit
Performance Indicator-4 digit — $549.99

This four digit indicator features aluminum upper construction with easy-to-change, highly visible numbers; all steel base for added stability and mounted wheels for easy movement between events.

Fiberglass Measuring Tape
Fiberglass Measuring Tape
  • Durable, long-lasting, vinyl-coated fiberglass tapes in ABS shatter resistant case
  • Features an easy to wind return, handle and shoulder strap
  • Printed with inches/feet on one side and centimeters/meters on the other
  • Includes end-loop for one-person measuring
Fiberglass Measuring Tape 50'-15m$15.99
Fiberglass Measuring Tape 100'-30m$19.99
Fiberglass Measuring Tape 200'-60m$31.99
Fiberglass Measuring Tape 300'-100m$47.99
Gym Chalk – 1lb
Gym Chalk – 1lb — $13.99

Conveniently wrapped in 2 oz. blocks, eight blocks per 1 lb. package.

Steel Vault Box
Steel Vault Box — $199.99

Features heavy 12 gauge steel construction, 105 degree angle on front. Meets all High School, Collegiate and International standards.

Rollout Runway
Rollout Runway

10mm rollout runway installs in seconds with no bonding necessary.  Solve your runway problems or protect your track in those high traffic areas.  Available in 36″ and 42″ widths.  Roll up after use for easy transportation and storage.

Premier PV and HJ Crossbars
Premier PV and HJ Crossbars

Competition Crossbar 14′ 10″ Pole Vault

Competition High Jump Crossbar$59.99
Competition Pole Vault Crossbar$65.99
Elastic Crossbar-Black Foam
Elastic Crossbar-Black Foam — $29.99

Pole Vault

High Jump Standards

Competition High Jump Standards
Competition High Jump Standards — $449.99
  • Sturdy steel uprights and 18″ square steel base
  • Adjusts from 2′ to 8′
  • Marked in English and metric measurements
  • Meets High School and NCAA® specifications
  • Adjusts from 2′ to 8′.
  • Sturdy steel construction. Meets all High School, Collegiate and International standards.
Elite High Jump Standards
Elite High Jump Standards — $599.99
  • Anodized aluminum uprights
  • Low profile steel bases with wheels for easy movement
  • Levelers on each base insure accurate height adjustments
  • Adjusts from 3′ to 8.5′
  • Marked in English and metric measurements
  • Meets High School, NCAA® and IAAF specifications
  • Adjusts from 3′ to 9′.
  • Calibrated in both English and Metric measurements.
  • Aluminum uprights and steel bases.

Hurdle Equipment

High School Aluminum Hurdle
High School Aluminum Hurdle — $89.99
  • Lightweight aluminum construction. 
  • Rocker design will automatically right itself when knocked over.
  • Instant locking at five heights – 30”, 33”, 36”, 39” and 42”. 
  • Includes PVC hurdle board 
  • Weight 17bs.
X-Trainer Hurdle
X-Trainer Hurdle — $52.99
  • Ideal hurdle for plyometrics, speed, and agility.
  • Adjusts from 6″ to 42″
  • Inexpensive style for beginners to use
  • Hurdle folds flat for easy transport and storage
  • Scissor training hurdle that adjusts from 6″ to 42″
Flight Hurdle Cart
Flight Hurdle Cart — $269.99

Constructed with heavy-duty steel, finished with bright blue powder-coating for added durability. Designed to hold our Elite, Advantage and Competition hurdles and most other “L” shaped hurdles. Efficiently carries 10 hurdles.

One Stop Shop

All your equipment needs
All your equipment needs

Just Vault can supply all your track and field equipment needs.  We are a dealer for Altius Poles, Athletic Connection, Blazer, Elite Athletics, Gill Athletics and more.  If you don’t see what  you need here, call 816-223-1956 or email justvault.org@gmail.com.  Prices are subject to change. Thanks!

Pole Vault Standards

Competition Pole Vault Standards
Competition Pole Vault Standards — $999.99
  • Sturdy steel uprights and base eliminate wobble
  • Steel rollers allow smooth 0-31.5″ of front/back movement of uprights
  • Adjusts from 7′ to 18′
  • Marked in English and metric measurements
  • Meets High School and NCAA® specifications
  • Use Centerset Base Protector Pads
  • Vaulting range from 7′ to 18′.
  • Complies with High School, Collegiate & International standards. All steel construction.
  • A quality standard at a budget price.
Elite Pole Vault Standards
Elite Pole Vault Standards — $1,299.00
  • Anodized aluminum uprights
  • Sturdy steel bases eliminate wobble
  • Nylon roller bearings allow smooth 0-31.5″ of front/back movement of uprights
  • Adjusts from 8’ to 21’
  • Marked in both English and Metric measurements
  • Meets High School, NCAA® and IAAF specifications
  • Use Centerset Base Protector Pads
  • Adjusts from 10′ to 21′.
  • Lightweight aluminum uprights and steel bases for Complies with High School, Collegiate & International standards.

Throwing Impliments

Black Rubber Discus
Black Rubber Discus
  • Molded to the official weight and specs.
  • Recommended for practice and official competition
Official 1K$11.99
Official 1.6K$12.99
Challenger Discus
Challenger Discus
  • Plastic plated discus 73% rim weight steel rim.
  • Priced for general purposes practice or dual meet competition.
Official 1K$47.99
Official 1.6K$49.99
Official 2K$53.99
Gold Lo-Spin Discus
Gold Lo-Spin Discus
  • Silver Medal winner at the 1996 Games in Atlanta
  • Constructed of High-impact ABS plastic side plates with a steel rim
  • High retention discus makes disc stay in hand longer for more power
  • 75% rim weight
Official 1K$74.99
Official 1.6K$79.99
Official 2K$88.99
Brown Indoor Discus
Brown Indoor Discus
  • Special non-marring brown rubber that reduces marks on gym floor
  • Meets official weights and specifications
Indoor Shot
Indoor Shot
  • High visibility red indoor shot has that outdoor shot feel
  • Soft enough not to mark or damage the gym or indoor facility floor
  • Meets all Collegiate, , International & High School Federation specs
Indoor Shot-4K$42.99
Indoor Shot-12lb 5.44K$53.99
Turned Iron Shot Put
Turned Iron Shot Put
  • Solid cast iron shot
  • Machine turned to different diameters.
  • Balanced for high performance throws
Turned Iron Shot Put 104mm 4K$51.99
Turned Iron Shot Put 115 mm 12 lbs$56.99
Turned Iron Shot Put 125 mm 16 lbs$74.99
Competition Shot Put
Competition Shot Put
  • Regulation shot guaranteed to meet specifications and weigh-in
  • Great for high school competition and practice
  • Priced to fit your budget
Competition Shot Put 6 lbs$16.99
Competition Shot Put 8 lb$18.99
Competition Shot Put 4k$21.99
Nelco Steel Shot Put
Nelco Steel Shot Put
  • Solid steel shot for the advance thrower
  • Machine turned to different diameters
  • Lathe turned and balanced for overall best performance
  • Polyurethane paint coated for smooth and durable finish
Nelco Steel Shot Put - 12 lbs$101.99

Track Equipment

Competition Starting Block
Competition Starting Block — $89.99

Great for all types of tracks, the Competition is manufactured from all steel components and features a spring loaded plunger for easy pedal adjustment and secure locking.  Complete with spikes for all types of surfaces.

Elite Starting Block
Elite Starting Block — $159.99
  • Cast aluminum, 4-angle wide adjustable pedals
  • Durable steel rail
  • Block measures:  12″W x 35″L
  • Complete with spike wrench and spikes
Aluminum Relay Batons
Aluminum Relay Batons — $3.99

Official size, lightweight anodized aluminum baton features smooth rolled-in edges for safety, non-slip ground finish. Plastic baton is made with nondestructive polyethylene in optic yellow only.

1/8″, 3/16” and 1/4” Pyramid Spikes-Bag of 100
1/8″, 3/16” and 1/4” Pyramid Spikes-Bag of 100 — $15.99
Lap Counter with Bell
Lap Counter with Bell — $449.99

The easy to read numbers are mounted in an aluminum frame and are easily changed with the flip of the lever. Each number unit contains numbers from 0-9. The entire unit is sturdy, lightweight (32 lbs.) and easy to move (mounted wheels).

Ultrak Timing Clipboard
Ultrak Timing Clipboard — $34.99
  • Clipboard with stopwatch and calculator
  • Calculator with memory mode
  • Stopwatch and calculator can be run simultaneously
  • Features 12″ straight-edge ruler
  • Solar or battery powered
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 14″
  • Solar or battery powered timer